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Weekly Horoscope Tarot - 30th Sept - 6th October 2019 - FINANCES - HEALTH & LOVE - Horoscope Tarot

Your desire for perfect figure and physique is likely to be fulfilled soon. It is best not to flaunt your wealth in public, as it can make people envious. You may not be your convincing best on the professional front, which may affect your dealings. Love Focus: Initiative on the romantic front may not come from you, as you have too many things on your mind. An important decision on property owned by you is expected soon. Your performance on the academic front will be heartening.


Focussing on your dietary intake will be in your interest. Good financial management may find you saving a lot. Those new on the job may have to adjust quickly to the office environment. You may not like a parent or family elder keeping track of your activities. A suitable accommodation is yours and that too within your budget. Time management may assume importance on the academic front.

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Health remains good due to your efforts. Financial front remains stable. A business is likely to pull in less money, than usual. A child is likely to perform well. Love Focus: Romantic prospects have never looked brighter, so go forth and pair up as soon as you can! Excellent showing on the academic front is likely to boost your morale. Avoid excesses to keep good health. Previous investments promise to keep your bank balance in a healthy state.

At work, you will be able to maintain the tempo and complete most of your tasks. Something you wanted done at home may have to wait. You will need to remain extra careful on the road, especially if behind the wheel. Taking possession of property is indicated for some.

Excelling on the academic front is your aim and you are not likely to spare any efforts for achieving it. Strong will power will be instrumental in keeping you fit and on the go on the health front. Those in the service sector are likely to find the day satisfying. Email: customercare ads2publish. Classified Display Include image, colour, font to your ad.

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Hindustan Times Matrimonial Classified Page. Hurry Up. Booking closes soon for this Sunday edition. This week you will be experiencing some positive changes in your life. You will see growth in your career. Any new contacts you made in the past few days will prove beneficial to you. You will receive promotions and perks. For those in business, they will be able to clinch deals that have been pending for so long. Any issue related with your work will be resolved this week. Those who are involved in running an educational institution will see an unexpected increase in their income this week.

This may even encourage you to expand your current institute or open branches in other cities. Avoid investing in shares this week as you could run a huge risk of losing money.

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If you have been looking to apply for a loan this is the right time to go ahead with it. This week you need to take special care of your health especially if you are worried about gaining weight. You need to get an exercise regime into place before it is too late. Try modifying your eating habits and also join a gym or go for walks. Youngsters worried about their skin problems will need to take it easy on junk food and aerated drinks. Avoid self-medication if you suffer from a skin problem and consult an expert.

There may be numerous auspicious events for you to enjoy. On the 17th, the sun moves into Libra and you will experience a socially active month, spending plenty of time with friends and travelling. You embrace a sense of fun. There is a thread of excitement running through your life that encourages you to reach out and live life to the full, like the metaphorical lioness stalking the jungle. Mercury in Libra enables you to dazzle with your communicative abilities which are both bold and precise, a winning combination. Tension requires you to balance both.

On the 4th, Venus moves into Libra which fortifies new, fun friendships. Venus in Libra encourages short trips, buoyancy and fun.

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Some may accuse you of being frivolous! With Mars in Virgo, be watchful of your money. You may spend more than you intend to due to your larger than life tastes.

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  5. This month may not be a great month for you as far as love is concerned. Your month runs hot and cold: sometimes delightful, sometimes suspicious or jealous. You are likely to be a bit confused about how you feel about someone you like. Wait for a better time to express your feelings. Be patient and you will soon find the one meant for you.

    This month you finally feel ready to open up to your partner. You reveal some of your fears and doubts about the relationship and feel much closer to him or her. Your partner will be wonderful listener and will help you feel at ease. Expect a wonderful surprise towards the monthend.

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    Your love life will be better than ever before this month. You will feel that romance, which had been dull of late in your life, will be revived this month. You will find yourself in a good mood and will be busy making plans to go on a vacation soon. Also, you will try some new ways to make your love life more exciting.

    Singles will have a great time making friends and will have fun and not think about getting into a serious relationship. Some of you find new opportunities; even if they are not exactly in your line of interest, do give it a serious thought and due consideration.