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After the Rooster discovered a raft nearby, the three of them hopped on and began paddling. The Monkey and Rooster began to bicker with one another upon the raft, but luckily the Goat was there to calm them down and keep the peace. Once they reached the other side, both the Monkey and Rooster were grateful to the Goat for keeping things harmonious and so they allowed the Goat to cross the finishing line before them to secure eighth place. They then graciously offered the next spot to one another, but the Rooster insisted the Monkey go before him because of his clever thinking during the paddling.

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And so, the Monkey took ninth place, and the two parted as friends. Occupying the tenth sign of the Chinese Zodiac is the enigmatic, self-assured, flamboyant Rooster. The Rooster spotted a raft and told the others they could get across the river that way. Halfway across the river, the Rooster began to resent the Monkey who he felt was being unnecessarily egotistical.

The Monkey had come up with the idea to paddle fast so they would cut through the weeds that threatened to tangle the raft.

Upon reaching the other side of the river, the Monkey and Rooster allowed the Goat to go first to thank him for keeping the peace. In the end, the Rooster persuaded the Monkey to finish the race before him as a way of thanking him for thinking of the paddling idea.

The Monkey agreed and the Rooster followed on behind him, coming in tenth place. The eleventh sign of the Chinese Zodiac is occupied by the loyal, honest, and faithful Dog. Off whizzed the Tiger, Rabbit and Monkey, but the Dog halted in his tracks when he saw one creature stumbling, gasping and puffing, lagging far behind everybody else. It was the Pig.

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The twelfth and final sign of the Chinese Zodiac is the warm, good-natured and gallant Pig. Unfortunately, being one of the least active and slowest of animals, the Pig soon fell far behind, lagging in last place, his usual optimism turning to despair. The Dog came back to help him and the two pressed on. Many times, he felt like giving up as the end just seemed impossible.

But the Pig ploughed on, huffing and puffing, and just as it seemed he would collapse with fatigue, the two made it across the finishing line. The Jade Emperor was very pleased with the Pig; he may have come last, but the race had been more challenging for him than any of the others.


So, the fact that he made it to the end at all was a major accomplishment. And with that, the last position in the Chinese Zodiac was filled. The Chinese Zodiac animal for is the Pig also referred to as a boar , which is a yin animal. The Pig is the 12th animal in the Chinese Zodiac. In Chinese culture, pigs are a symbol of wealth and good fortune. The Chinese Zodiac is based on a complex year cycle system that assigns an animal and one of the five Chinese elements Fire, Earth, Water, Wood, and Metal to each year.

Unlike Western astrology, Chinese astrology is based on the 12 Full Moons of each year, known as the lunar calendar. While the animals of the Chinese Zodiac are on a year cycle, since there are 5 possible elemental combinations for each animal, the entire Chinese Zodiac cycle is only fully complete every 60 years. In the Chinese Zodiac, your birth year represents your position and role in the year cycle rather than just simply your individual personality.


In Chinese culture, there are five elements, each associated with one of the inner planets of the solar system:. Each element is also correlated with a colour, a part of the physical body, a direction, a season, and the five senses. Although these elements are different than the ones used in Western Astrology, all are naturally occurring and are believed to be connected with one another. Each element imbues its characteristics upon the Chinese Zodiac animal it is assigned to that year. So, although you might have been born in the year of the Rabbit, someone born in a past or future Rabbit year will have a different element assigned to their Chinese Zodiac animal than you do.

Each animal in the Chinese Zodiac and each element is associated with either Yin or Yang.

In Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang represent the interdependence and interconnection between opposing forces. Yin and Yang come together to create a whole, achieving a harmonious balance. If one is affected, so is the other.

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There are many different stories explaining how the Chinese Zodiac came to be. Since no one knows for sure exactly when the Chinese Zodiac was created, many legends were created and passed down over centuries. Perhaps the most well-known legend poses that Buddha asked the animals to participate in a race wherein the first 12 animals to finish the race would receive a position in the Chinese Zodiac.

The animal who finished first would be awarded the first position in the Chinese Zodiac, and the rest would appear in the Zodiac in the order they completed the race. Are you a Snake who enjoys a good philosophical debate and is typically slow to anger? Apple Peace Hanging Keychain. Key for Success and Victory Keychain. Prosperity Chest Featuring Maneki Neko.

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  5. Goddess of Knowledge Saraswati. Wishfulfilling Bejeweled Pair of Mandarin Ducks. The people born under the Rat zodiac sign always strive to do better and be better. They are honest, work hard and are very direct in their thoughts and actions. They are easy to get along with and have an enthusiasm for their work that helps them succeed.

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    They have a considerate nature and are sincere and courteous to others, making them liked by many. But — they also have a quality that could make others feel they are a bit too committed to rituals and rules. Lifelong Luck in Money Making With a stable luck for wealth and a diligent attitude, you will naturally live a rich and well-off life. Due to your excellent patience and conservative money management, you will live a quite rich material life in later age.

    Generally, you will neither waste money readily nor buy fancy and unpractical things; instead, you can always buy the items with excellent quality and reasonable price.